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Customizing a Gold Match?

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Hows it going? Got one of dem Kimber Stainless Gold Match pistolas and have been quite impressed and happy. After the Colt and Springfield get modified (almost forgot a full house gun), this one will be next. Is it good as is or do you guys have any suggestions for either upping performance/ cosmetic appeal? Got a S&A mag guide for it so far.
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Hey Bufford!

How does it shoot and handle?

I guess if you like it the way it is, and it's reliable, it oughta' be good as is!
Isn't that one of their upper level offerings?

Hey Gyp_c! Yeah, its about 2 steps below their top of the line (Super Match, Gold Combat). It shoots great, but I guess im really looking to give it more of a personal touch. Checkering, flat top serrate, etc. Maybe I need to slow down and concentrate on my other 2 project guns before thinking about this. BTW, you have any projects lined up or any guns on your list to buy?
Sorry that's classified...I could tell you, but then I'd have to call you nasty names...


Actually yes...I have a "small" size project I'm tryin' iron out the details on and I'm hopin' to hear about a 5" to send off to have perk-up a bit...Tree biz is hectic this time of year...Now that the snow is going away, everyone remembers the trees they forgot to have done two or three years ago and they want 'em done yesterday!
I guess it's the same for everyone!
It IS Spring afterall!

Good luck and keep us posted! It's nice to have a good one and just wanna' make it better huh?

Tomorrow BTW is the first TrophyShop Picnic and RiverDance down at his place on the river...Several of the members from Colorado are getting together with families to shoot and eat...or eat and shoot...:wink:
...Whatever comes first...I guess it'll be the first time we've been together in person instead of "cyberspacially"!

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I few months ago I had the opportunity to aquire a Kimber Gold Match for LESS than I paid for my Classic. Yes it was used, but it looked nice...

Turns out the previous owner had sent the pistol to Wilson, and had the trigger group replaced and reworked, the front strap checkered (30lpi), and a reliability job done. It has quickly become my favorite shooter.

I'm not sure I'd spend the money on a new one, but I certainly can't complain about the GM I have!

--Mark :smile:
Wow Mark, that was quite a deal! Glad you enjoy yours as I do mine. BTW Gyp_c, that little project wouldnt be a Champion would it? :wink:

My GM SS is actually with Kimber right now getting a magwell and a front strap checkering. When it gets back, Im putting a Springco tungsten recoil reducer and a MJL Control Lever from JP Enterprises. ( http://www.jpar15.com/mjl.htm ). I felt the trigger was good enough...maybe could be a little lighter but not worth $100 action job.
It's a great gun!
My Gold match shot great right out of the box. The only work I had done is the trigger replaced with a Videcki(sp?) three hole competition and a trigger job by Kurt Wickman,who by the way does excellent work.
I also installed a S&A magwell and mainspring housing to replace that cheesy plastic piece of crap that is stock on all Kimbers.
Oh yeah I also had Kurt open the rear sight a bit for my tired "old" eyes.
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