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We got a couple of these in stock at the gun store I am working at.

The pistol comes in an interesting finish, not blue, but more like a black polymer. The finish is very well applied and is cosmetically appealing.

The trigger is great from single action and the gun can be carried cocked and locked. Many people have said the gun has a Colt 1911 feel.

It uses what appears to be a double column mag that holds 10 rounds of 40 S&W. The mag seems to be well made.

The gun comes with a Don Hume open bottomed belt holster in a very rich brown leather. It looks great and contrasts well with the gun.

I think the gun is selling for about 350 or 360 and that is NIB with the Don Hume holster. Not a bad buy at all.

What I personally do not like about the gun: The sights are usable, but not the best and the magazine does not ddrop freely. The smith at the shop said the magazine may begin to drop freely as it is used more.

Anyone have any experience using this model gun?
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