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EAA Mags

I've been successful making Witness Mags work in several cases. I haven't had one NOT work, so far.

In most cases, the problem seems to be that the mag release notch on the Witness mags is just a hair lower than required for CZ. This forces the mag up against the bottom of the slide, making it difficult to load and unload the mag, 'cause its putting so much downard pressure on the mag release, and so much upward pressure on the underside of the slide.

Using a needle file or a dremel, you can enlarge the top side of the notch, and they generally work fine. (This does not seem to impair the mag's ability to continue to work properly in an EAA gun.)

Take off a little at a time. On one of mine I had to remove maybe as much as a 16th of an inch of metal. (This type of surgery was required for two of four mags, ordered at the same time, which arrived identically packaged. The other two worked perfectly.)

This is the same fix I've found useful when working with the cheap RamLine mags, mentioned elsewhere.

(All of these mags should drop free in the CZ-40B. Its the 75B's that don't drop free without a modification to the mag brake...)
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