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Two people who have viewed my webpage have emailed over the last few days telling me they have heard DW is going to offer their 1911 in 10mm.

Has anyone heard this? Has anyone heard or read anything about the quality of these guns?

I've always been a Colt and Strayer-Voight fan, but I'd be willing to support them if they offered a new home for the 10mm (provided it isn't a piece of crap.)



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I emailed them yesterday and this is what I got for a response:

Those nasty rumors! And all true! We have working prototypes in field
testing and plan to introduce the 10mm Pointman Major with the same high
level of match grade components, accuracy and reliability before year's end.
Stay tuned to our website (www.danwessonfirearms.com) as that is where news
of the release of the new models first appears.
Thanks for your interest in Dan Wesson Firearms and our products.
Bill Jeffery
Marketing and Customer Service Director
Dan Wesson Firearms

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