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Dane's series 80

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Dane you mentioned in your post about the best gun to build a full house on that your carrying a lightly modified series 80 ss.
You got a pic and some more details?
Thanks Eric
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Hey Harley,

These are the Series '80s Combat Elites that I use to carry 10/12 years ago. The Commander I traded a Customer out of some time ago that I had built for him and the Stainless Series 80 is a recent purchase that I am currently using. (I paid WAY to much for it :smile: )

The details for all four guns are BarSto, Heinie's, usually all black, but one is a combo here, one has inserts, a beavetail, extended thumb safety (I use to only shoot with an ambi) and a good trigger with a solid Vedecki. Basics are pretty simple.

A lot like a FED package, AMOF :grin:

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As a post script to these guns and because I like to ramble :roll:

When I went through the Academy in 1984 I had a personal 1911 that they allowed me
train and qualify with. That gun is a Comercial 60's Colt. I still have it.

My second gun for duty was one of the early Combat Elites pictured. When I got the money I purchased one of the Stainless Colts. Having used early Heinie sights, I also thought at the time Novaks were just tool cool. One of the gun writers published a picture of his stainless Colt with Novaks and I fell in love :grin: That gun didn't last long for me. After walking into a the edge of a glass door and having to replace the sight I sold the gun. I had always wanted to replace it with another Colt Stainless with Heinie's. I recently got the chance when a customer had me do a tasteful job on his early production stainless. He saw a sucker and "let me" me trade him out of the gun after it was finished.

It is my night stand gun these days...with Heinie's on it, of course:)
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Ya, I like it too. Thanks Harley. The reason I was actually able to get this gun was the front strap was too thin to checker, so the owner wanted another gun. I was happy (well sorta for the price :grin:

I like a smooth gun for concealed carry. Although no question I would prefer the "WAVE".
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