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Jim, never mentioned but I suspect the result of the 357 mag with a 125 is the effect of a involuntary physical reaction.

I suspect and have not taken the time to research the effect of a 1400/1500fps fps round entering the diaphram and causing "shock" inside the diaphram which in effect knocks the wind out of a person.

I am not talking balistic shock as is commonly discribed. I am talking more like a physical blunt trauma blow to the solar plexes to drop you. That kind of shock. I suspect as I mention that is the actual effect we are more often seeing, with the additional tramatic effect of the wound damage and bleeding out in the aftermatch of the intial wound and loosing ones wind.

Loss of wind allows the light fast bullet the time to bleed out internally if placed right...and becomes the "one shot stop".

Like any fight, getting a good strike in to SP is a great thing. A round house to the side of the head is better. I am begining to look at the small bullet as the sucker punch to the SP and the slower, heavy bullet as the round house to the central nervous system.

On of the few things that end a fight, "can't breath, can't fight".

As we both know having the wind knocked out of you doesn't end the fight. Bleeding out or damage to the cental nervous system does.

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