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Do I have a canidate for a custom gun?

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Today I was killing time at a local gun shop when I noticed a Colt that wasnt there before. They had bought it used and now its mine. Its likely almost 10 years old, has been shot some but it has a good barrel, a decent trigger, and its as far as I can tell bone stock. Its 70 series and it is a commander. I dont know much about 1911's other than I bought a SA last year and I am far more acurate with it than my glocks... So do I have a canidate for a custom gun with it being old etc.... I would probably go for a reliability deal, new trigger, straight eights, etc. also, I paid $375 for it, how did I do?


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If it's only ten years old, it wouldn't be a 70 Series, since they stopped production circa 1983. On the other hand, if it says Series 70 and doesn't have that infernal POS plunger in the slide, then it's older than 10 years. Is the feed ramp unmolested? The original ones were blued. I just bought an old Series 70 lately that had its feed ramp and bbl butchered by some idiot. Hopefully I can fix the ramp. If your gun is solid, you have a good candidate for any work you choose.
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