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Do you spend too much $ ?

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Everyone in here have self control? Apparently, I dont. No matter how many times I tell myself I wont spend money, as soon as I hit the Army Surplus or the gun shop, instant splurge. Just the other day, I bought some MRE's, glow sticks, hipower grips, and a box of 50 bmg even though I dont have a 50 cal. Just wondering how many of you find yourself back at age 6 walking around like it was a toy store.
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Yes. According to my wife.

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Once my pockets are empty, the credit cards are maxed out, and the daughter's piggy bank lay in ruins on the floor, I show tremendous self-control. :smile:
Self-control, you mean the government doesn't control me enough :smile: This year so far, I've spent more money on my gun hobby than I have for food. I would say I don't know the meaning of self-control. At least where guns and ammunition are concerned. :smile:

Your post prompted me to actually dig out some reciepts and put pen to paper. Since last May I have spent in excess of $12K on firearms. This is NOT including ammo, leather, cases, cleaners, lubricants et al. This is also not including my other hobbies. So thanks for the severe case of buyers remorse :smile:

I'm sick! Sick! I need help.
Do we really need to talk about it?
I try and visualize my walking past the latest Barret trade in or HK SP89 and not parting with the money.
Somehow my mental prowess and positive imaging techniques fails me and now that I have found all of these boards each with thier own for sale section I have accumulated more Unertl scopes, HK carbines, 10mm and.45 caliber handguns,tactical gear high cap mags, etc..than a small country.
Oh and lets not forget all of the I always wanted one of them and cannot believe I finally found one purchases (Seacamps, ASP's, Devel's, CIA Pen Guns.
I actually had to buy another double wide gun safe to hold it all.
I have actually promised my wife that I will stop purchasing US night vision equipment after I bought a fourth generation monocular for our cam corder and an aluminum pelican case for my laptop.
She just does not see the need to videotape family events in total darkness can you believe it?
I jsut keep telling her that it is a better investment than my Microsoft stock.......
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I resisted a .50 caliber Armalite that was sitting on the counter right in front of my face. The price was even right at under $2000.

That would be my big triumph for the year.
I feel your pain. I usually show a modicum of restraint when it comes to the things like clothing, things around the house, and other nonessential goods. But for firearms and accessories, I'm a junkie. And buying the firearm is not enough. My "fix" includes customizing everything. The initial purchase is just the beginning of my spending, and spending, and spending...
Hell, yes, I do. But I'm worth it! Uh, please don't tell my wife I said that :grin: :grin:
Yes.......(looking at wallet).....DEFINATELY YES!!!
I think we need to found a support group, I have been in agony all day after getting an email from the owner that asked if I am still interested in buying it, I calculated it out and if I don't buy any unecessary items like food, and clothing for 6 months I can afford it.
Well I have always been partial to the Brwonies in the MRE and they are cheap.....
Hopefuly I can store it at a friends shop until my wife goes on vacation...
Here is a hint to help: After the purchase, immediately burn the receipt. Like MPower, if I had receipts to add up, my gawd, then I would know I have a problem. As it is, I forget what I paid for it, destroy all evidence of the purchase [except for the purchased item :grin:], then, my mind tells me I have owned it forever!!!

To all the brilliant ones who bought .com stocks...my guns are looking like a great investment now, eh? :grin:
Gee, I thought I was bad. I've been worried that I might be possessed since I bought 5 pistols and 4 holsters since I started almost a year ago. (one of the guns came with a holster)

I am a true piker, a light-weight, a wimp that should expect sand-in-the-face! (I'll stop short of pencil-necked-geek)

I vow to go forth this very weekend and seek more arms (a new Kimber I can send to Dane?), a new safe (how am I gonna sneak that into the house?), and another 1000 rounds (just storing it for a friend dear), lest my membership in the forum be revoked.

The only way to treat this sickness is calm reflection and meditation. Front sight, target, front sight, squeeeeeeeze... repeat as necessary.
Two things I have found out in my life. One, you can finance anything, except women and guns. Two, you can buy yourself anything you want, as long as you buy your wife something else at the same time that costs at least $1 more.
Well since it takes about two months to get a purchase order here in NYC,the restraining is being done for me. Who says the gub'mint doesn't look out for us.
Hell yes I spend too much but its not as much as I would like to.Like the song says I don't want it all but I ain't got enough. Suffer frequently from the I need a new gun blues.
Hint for married men:eek:nce you get to a certain point the mrs. can't spot a new toy.
Honey is that a new gun? Shucks honey I've had that for years. Hope she don't check up on my posts. JS
This board must help me now as tonight I purchased a new Sig SSG 3000 level 2 with a Leupold MKV 16x scope, parker hale bipod and warne rings. It cost more than a cruise to the islands and my guilt is overwhelming.... Ok so I don't feel guilty at all, now where can I post the new pics and I'm praying for Sun tommorrow so I can head to Twin S for some 500 yard fun.
"My name is G. Kennedy and I have a problem....". Although I can blame some enablers like gun manufacturers, the local gun shop, the late Brian Bilby, IPSC, IDPA, Lou Alessi, Richard Heinie(Why oh why did he have to come out with the Slant Pro sights?), and last but certainly not least DANE BURNS!!

My wife says I spend to much money on gun stuff.I just think I need a job that pays more than the one I have.
It's not how much you spend guys ... it's what you get for your money!

OK, OK. Well, my wife didn't buy that one either, so I tried her approach last time: "but honey, it's on sale!!" Almost got away with it too.

Almost. :smile:

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