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I contacted the gunsmith who
recently made me a beautiful custom
full sized 1911 on a series 70 Colt.

Told him I'm contemplating that he make
me a Commander sized gun.

He suggested I consider having him build
it on a Llama frame and slide.
Before you react, he built himself one as his carry
gun using only top components..says he really
likes it and it has worked flawlessly for him.

I, and he, know that Llama has had its problems over the
years; but the 'smith says good ones can be found for
little money and that the right one can be used to make
a really fine carry gun.

I really would appreciate your comments/experience with
Llamas; and your comments about the advisability of this
type of project.

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First I'd want to see that gunsmith's personal Llama to see
a) If he really does carry it and
b) What sort of end product you can expect.

Seeing how a Caspian slide and frame are only about $150 more than a new Llama, I don't see much reason to roll the dice on quality. Of course, you would be getting the advantages of an external extractor with the Llama... :grin:

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Really would like some more
opinions on this.
I trust my gunsmith. Just got
off the phone with him. He does
carry a Llama despite the fact that
he builds some really fine carry and
competition 1911s on better known frame/slides.
I know if I spend four or five hundred dollars
on a tricked out Commander sized Llama that
I will never get my money out of it upon resale.
To me, that is irrelevant. What I would like to
know is whether or not the frame/slide are good
enough to use as the base for a decent carry

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From what he said,
it would be totally reliable
but expendable should it come to that.
I know it sounds odd, but this guy built
me a really fine custom Colt.
Maybe he's tryimng to save me a bunch of money
on a carry .45. I dunno.

Having once neither the resources (money) to have my motorcycle tire repaired while in Israel I traded my copy of a browning High Power for a "new" used tire, it was a matter of need out weighed my means.
Are you considering the project on the Lama as a financial issue?
If so, and you can arrange to shoot your smiths pistol then at least shoot it and see if you like it.
If this decision is based purely on "saving a buck" then I would suggest that your money is better saved until you are willing to commit the resources necessary to use high quality components.

A saying that I learned some time ago helps me keep these issue in perspective:

The bitterness from poor quality received will remain long after the happiness from getting the cheapest price is forgotten.
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