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DOJ Holster Question

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Hi all!

Okay, I posted this at the "other" forum because I know that Lou frequents there too. . .

But the question I have is about the DOJ holster.

On Heinie.com the DOJ pictured there looks to have a lowered front, but at rfholsters.com the DOJ pictured there does not look to have a lowered front.

Am I just really afflicted (keep those snide comments to yourself! :wink:), or is there a difference between the two?



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There are two models of the DOJ. Lou's original design (actually designed by Bruce Nelson) has a normal leading edge.

The Heinie DOJ, also made by Alessi, features a lowered leading edge. This allows for an smoother presentation, especially for full size guns such as the 1911 and G-17.

Both are great rigs which I use on a regular basis.

Hope this clears up the confusion.

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