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Dress belt for IWB Holster

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Hi,I`m shopping for a dress belt for my new holsters.I`m going to need one 1 1/4 inches wide and it has to be dark brown.What do you guys use? And how much did it cost you?
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I would recommend a dark brown Garrity Alligator with a polished silver buckle and hardware or brown Shark skin with brass hardware. Although the shark is more durable and wears well I like the look of exotic materials.
I haven't checked Mark's current prices but I recommend you contact him.

You can't go wrong with Uncle Mike Mirage belts. They look great and keep on looking great even after several years of use. Something that can't be said about even the finest leather. Check out the thread on "The Perfect Gun Belt" which was in this section a couple of weeks ago.

Hi David,How do I contact Mark? Do you have his web site or email address?Thanks Armond
Mark Garrity,
Phone 610-558-6069
Email [email protected]
Thanks David,I`ll send him an email.
I'll second the suggestion on the Uncle Mike's Mirage belt. I love leather, but I bought one of the fake Cayman Lizard belts last year simply because a local shop had them on sale and unwoven nylon sounded sturdy. It is.

Thanks guys,but I like leather.Any way I could only find the Uncle Mikes in 1 1/2 inch widths and I need 1 1/4 inch width.
The Uncle Mike's dress belt IS 1 1/4 inches. I have two of them and the other guys are right. They are the cats' ass.
Oso you talked me into getting a Uncle Mikes as well.Now my wife can be mad at you and not me.

Have Fun and Shoot Straight

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