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I decided to replace my standard 16 lb. recoil spring with a Wilson Combat 18.5 lb. component. I also installed the Shok-Buff that came with it.
I'd gone through 600 rounds of S&B ball ammo in 4 separate range sessions before replacing the spring, and I experienced 2 or 3 FTF on each trip; the FTF's were experienced using Wilson 47D's, btw.
I just got back from the range and an additional 200 rounds of S&B fired. Not a single FTF! As some others have commented, the recoil is noticably different -- more of a "shove" now than a kick. 200 rounds was enough to cause a sore spot between my thumb and forefinger before the spring change. No soreness this time.
One other thing I tried this time was to lube the rails with Wilson's "Ultima-Lube" grease. S&B burns pretty dirty (I think the Czech's add some bat sh** to the powder). I'd been using Militec-1 for lubing the rails before and I noticed a really black oily mess all over the inside of the slide. This Ultima-Lube seems to stay put on the rails better and there is less of a collection of "wet" powder residue now; I coulda been using too much oil before, I suppose.
Anyway, I just thought I'd pass along my good fortune in case any of you finds it useful.

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