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On 2001-06-26 23:34, rkpshooter wrote:
To all you smiths. Will the Ed brown beavertail fit a mil spec Springfield without the need to weld up the top of the grip tangs. was told that the only one that would work was the S&A with the 220 radius.

Thank you for the info
It can certainly be installed and will definitely fit. It does require all the normal steps of cutting the radius and blending the safety to the frame as in any other B/T installation.

What the issue is with Springfield's is the Springfield frame tangs are shorter than most other 1911's. When you fit a Brown beavertail, you frequently have a gap on each side of the radius at the top of the safety to frame joint. You see this gap from the top and sides of the gun. I have never seen a gap in the large radius (where your hand fits).

The welding adds enough metal in that spot to fill the gap, during the fitting process. The issue is one of cosmetics rather than an adaptation to make the safety physically fit the gun. I have seen some installations where the 'smith ground / sanded down the top of the safety frame joint to a point where the gap was less obvious.

Since Ed Brown beavertail installations require so much metal be bared due to fitting and blending, the frame assy. should be re-finished anyway. Because of that, welding the tangs is worth doing to me. Most 'smiths charge $25 or $30.00 additional for the welding.

The S&A -w- the .220" radius was created to move the safety's radius joint in to a point where the frame tangs are a little bigger, eliminating any need to weld.

Hope this answers the question.
Best Regards,
John Harrison
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