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The "Bastard", my FM/FN High-Power pistol, and my Browning High-Power MKII both exhibited double feed jams with my handloads. I switched the magazines I was using, a 10 round FEG and a 17 round South African. No help the pistols continued to jam. I then switched to factory ammunition and this didn't help.

Both pistols failed to eject and attempted to feed ammo. The Bastard has a new factory spring and the FN has a newer 18.5 pound spring.

Do you think this is related to the magazines or some other cause. The ammo was my pet load 5.0gr Win 231 with CCI primers and 115gr FMJ bullets. The factory loads were Win 115gr FMJ in the white box. Both of these rounds fed perfectly in my CZ75 PRC and Kahr E9.

Any thoughts are welcome.



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Hello, Richard. What precisely do you mean by "double feed jams?" IF what you mean is that the fired case is not extracted and then
another round is shoved up the ramp against it, the problem is the extractor or the extractor spring. I have seen this problem with the latter more than the former! The BHP extractor with the proper spring in it is very, very, very tough to move. It kind of hurts the finger that you try and press the rear of the extractor with when trying to get it to move.

I had to recently "repair" a BHP that I'd had Novaks put on for this very thing. I think that one of two things happened:

1. The 'smith didn't disassemble the slide completely before reblueing the slide and the spring was weakened by the heated blue in the bath or:

2. He put in a similar, but weaker spring, or reduced the length of the one with the gun to make it easier to install the extractor.

Anyway, this gun would not work with even standard pressure rounds. It would fail to extract and then slide another loaded round up the ramp into the rear of the fired case, jamming the gun. Got home, removed the extractor and replaced the spring. Has not missed a stutter yet, either with standard pressure or Plus P rounds.

The only other thing I can think of that would cause this is too light of rounds that don't sufficiently drive the slide rearward
enough for the ejector to smack the rear of the case, but I tend to doubt this as you shoot quite a bit and would have likely
noted that perhaps the load was too light.

The extractor must be very difficult to move, very difficult, or the spring's too weak in my experience.

Good luck and let us know what you find.

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