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Ejector Rod Problem

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My Smith and Wesson Model 19-3 has developed a problem where the first few trigger pulls are fine but about the fourth one it becomes hard to pull the trigger, Same thing if I cock the hammer with my thumb it gets hard on about the fourth time.
My thoughts are the ejector rod has worn down and not making full contact, Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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First step is to use a stiff brush to thoroughly brush the underside of the ejector and it's seat in the rear of the cylinder.
A common cause of intermittent sticky cylinder is debris trapped under the ejector.
Tiny grit or burned powder particles can be very hard to see.
This prevents the ejector from fully seating and that causes sticky cylinder rotation and a seemingly sticky hammer or trigger pull.
To prevent this, always hold the muzzle up as you eject so the cases and any debris will fall free.

Check for a bent ejector rod..... just spin the cylinder and watch for any excess wobble.

Has the gun been dropped or had the cylinder slammed shut?
If so, the yoke (cylinder crane) might be bent.
"Bogarting" the cylinder by closing it with a flick of the wrist can bend the yoke.

Other causes can be dried lubricant inside the cylinder assembly, a damaged ejector ratchet, or a problem inside the action.
To help diagnose possible problems, mark the chamber that seems to be causing the sticking, then inspect the ejector ratchet for any damage or excessive wear.
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Thanks for the answer,I totally took the revolver apart and scrubbed and lubed everything and it works great now.
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