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El Paso Saddlery ?

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Not a word so far on these makers here, any comments ?

Their 1930 " Austin" looks good to me..

Whoops ! this should have gone under Holsters.

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Might get more response on holster sight but I have a couple of the threepersons for S/A army and 1911s. good holster for field carry great quality ,good fit
El Paso Saddlery, right here in the Sun City, is a well established business that makes some really great cowboy/SAA leather.

I, personally, do not prefer the designs of their concealment gear, but many others do, and it is of good quality. Their holsters are definitely the prevalent maker in this area. The Austin is my favorite SAA holster, especially the lined model.

Bobby, Keith, and the guys have always been easy to deal with, and have treated everyone here great.

(The shop is a cool place to hang out after court, too! :grin::)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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