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Black jack,
I have one of the foul out units and its the greatest thing since sliced bread. I can't remember if it is a series I or II, but the power unit sits on the bench and not on the rods.
Anyway,it works like a charm. I used to spend hours soaking and scrubing my barrels to get all the lead fouling out. This thing works in half the time and doesn't need any manual labor. A friend of mine brought me his 44mag that he thought was ruined. There was so much fouling in the barrel that you couldn't tell there was any rifling in it. After 14hrs on the outers unit..tah..dah...it looked like brand new. Most of my 45 barrels only take an hour at the most to clean out 500 rds of reload fouling. I would recommend one of these to anyone who does alot of shooting.



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