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Failure to feed hardball in para 14

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I've got a para that has a nose up feed problem. Every 2nd or third mag, a 230gr ball will not make it passed the extractor claw. The pistol worked fine until I had a storm lake machine barrel put in buy a local smith. I took it back for one more try and didn't have any luck. So it when to another smith. I really like the work he did on the para but, the feed problem remains.

My starter questions are:

1.Could this be a timing problem?
2.Could the barrel be set back to far as in a manifacture problem?
3.Or the fact that the extractor does not hold a round to the breech face? It does hold the round in place.

The last smith worked on the extractor, it is polished and contoured like most people would advise. With enough tension to hold a round in place while rotating the slide 180 degrees. The barrel has been well throated .I think a greased 50bmg would slide right in. While I'm thinking of it "How long should an extractor be"

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Well...Extractors...Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em...

...Sounds like you already pin-pointed the problem. If there were no problems 'til the smith worked on it, well, maybe you should have them take another look at it...
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A new mag spring and recoil spring may not be a bad idea. It does sound like timing. Is it always the same mag that malf's?
I had a P14-45 that did exactly the same thing from the factory, only about 90% of the time. Sadly, I can't offer you any advice: nobody ever got it to work and I sold it for scrap to get a Kimber.
Thanks for the advise guys. I've got a new extractor and slide stop that I'm going to install. I will let you know what happens.
Cuda if your Para worked before you got the new barrel then try putting in the original barrel.
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