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favorite grip saftey?

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I'm going to have the grip saftey replaced on my kimber and wanted some opinions. Trying to decide between Brown, Wilson or McCormick. What do you guys like?
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Don't own a Kimber, but I have Wilson's on my Colt. Good quality - minimal "drop-in" fitting required.
All my 1911`s have Wilson Combat Safeties.Thats all I use.
I like Ed Browns and STI safeties. If you have skinny fingers the STI's can induce slide drag if you shoot high thumb. I had to go back to Browns because of this.

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I love the "speed bump" safety that came with my Defender, and have bought several from Caspain for other guns.
Looking at the Kimbers, I've always wondered how much work they'd take with some of the after market grip-safeties.
I use Ed Brown Memory Groove beavertails. I like all of Ed Brown's parts, as the quality is exceptional and they are very well designed. I know they aren't "drop-in" and require some machining, but in my estimation they're worth it. My gunsmith loves 'em.
Best Wishes, ColtKing
I prefer the gunsmith fit wilson high ride w/bump. I have my smith contour the tail a bit, and its perfect for me.

I also like the Brown, but for me its a tad too high, i like to have some of the tail pushing into the web of my hand, get better control that way.

Another reason i like the Wilson over the Brown, it that the Wilson fits up better in the Springfeild frame. Seems the Springfeild frame tangs are set a bit different and hard to fit the Brown, requiring a re weld etc....

Any how, both are excellent products, as well as the STI mentioned.

I think the most important thing is to have it fit by a good smith etc...
I use Wilson high ride with bump on all my 1911's. Along with the same grip panel,mag well,thumb safety,trigger and MS housing. This way when I pick up any one of them they feel exactly the same.
I am starting to think that my favorite grip safety is any one that is pinned. Col. Cooper seems to think they are unneeded. I tend to agree.
I generally like the brown memory groove and have that one on all my guns...I have been looking at a kimber to add to my collection and I believe you cannot use the brown on a kimber without a lot of headache..it is cut at a different radius and will not fit..so you will need to look at the wilson or other that is that radius....
The "Brown" is the bigger seller. Wonder what that means? Sam
I've always liked the Brown safety, but the McCormick safety has been growing on me. I'm starting to get a real nice feel for it.
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