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Favorite HK Fullsize holsters, holsters for hot weather.

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I'm trying to find a good holster that holds the HK 45 Fullsize really well. I would like an inside waistband holster or paddle, leather or kydex.

Also, any hints on carrying in hot weather for this or the 45 compact? Type of holster, clothing?

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I would highly recomend you contact Mark Garrity of Garrity's gunleather.
On the custom makers section I posted a thread DiFabio's custom gun pics, in it you will see some of Mark's work including one of the best pancake holsters I have ever used for the USP full size in black shark skin.
If you look in the same picture you will also see an IWB model that resembles a pancake holster with outside loops and snaps with a Glock 27 in it, this model is Mark's Incognito and it is the easiest, most comfortable holster I have found to carry a full size pistol securely for extended periods of time while walking, driving, and sitting. The snaps allow it to go on and off quickly with the speed of a paddle, I purchased my first SharkSkin and Horsehide Incognito from Mark in 1994 and I still wear it comfortably.
Mark has been a full time police officer/Swat Team member/instructor here in PA for over a decade and he knows what works.
Mark Garrity
[email protected]

For a kydex rig I would suggest one of Tim Wegners blade tech paddle rigs or Kevin McClungs MD Labs Thunderbolt rigs. Both are highly durable, well designed, and both makers stand behind thier products.


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Will ans, to Kydex only. You can't go wrong with David Elderton's Superb Ky-Tac "Braveheart" IWB though delivery time can be as long as for a true custom Leather make. http://hometown.aol.com/kytac Two other exceptional hand made & hand formed & finished Kydex makers are Mad Dog's "Gun Glove" & Frank Spezzano's Cen-Dex. http://www.mdenterprise.com/holsters.htm & http://www.cen-dex.com
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