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Every now and then we get a post from someone asking where to get what. Here's a quick rundown of my preferred vendors for home smithing:
-Brownells - the one stop shopping for all things gunsmithing. Great customer service, awesome selection.
-Wilson Combat - I'd had a loss of faith last year with these guys when I had a bunch of Bulletproof extractors break, but have since had good results with their products. Their 7 and 8 rd .45 mags are the best, and my preferred beavertail is their #298. Their ultralite hammer shows great promise on my new project. Their customer service has always been great for me.
-EGW - I know George from way back when I used to see him at all our area IPSC matches. His outfit has become a leader in parts, tools, and machine work. I use EGW sears, slide stops, pins, and will be having them do machine work on my projects.
-Wolff - great springs, GM Dave Koebensky is a great guy.
-Caspian - frames, extractors, slides, etc.

You can see that the common denominator on all these is where I can get good parts at a good price with good customer service. IMO, you can't go wrong with any of the vendors listed here.
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