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feed ramps

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Question on building a 9 X 23

I picked up a series 80 colt in .45 acp that had one side of the slide machined way out of square for a good price ( read cheap because of slide ). The gun didn`t look refinished and appeared to come from Colt this way. I squared the slide up and cut each side to equal thickness and it is too light for anything but light bullseye loads. I did expect this but I just bought it for the lower half.

Does anyone know if the feedramps are cut on the .45 to the same specs as the 9X23? Basicly want to know if this frame will build a reliable 9X23?

I have been out of the shooting scene for several years ( went dirtbike racing ) and I am not up on the 9X23.
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No, the ramps are not the same on a 45 and 9x23.
You could always sell your 45 frame and buy a 38super or 9mm frame.
true , I think I will just build both

Building another .45 isn`t exactly going to hurt my feelings , plus building a 9X23 would allow me to shoot two classes in IDPA if I remember the rule book right. I haven`t been to a IDPA shoot yet but I have located a club a couple hours away that I will be checking out.
I do not think a 9x23 1911 will get you in two classes of IDPA. A CDP must be a .45, they took 10mm, .400 CB, etc. out for some weird reason and nothing smaller ever qualified.
A single action auto smaller than .45 is an ESP, period.
A SSP must be a DA auto of some variety.
So a 9x23 Colt will be an ESP and nothing else, unless you manage to make it a swap-top to .45, which I think more trouble than it is worth.
I am not really up on IDPA rules yet , I have looked through them and I understand which handgun caliber is allowed in each class.

I was thinking the .45 for CDP and the 9X23 for ESP. Is it not possible to shoot in both divisions?
Sure, a 9x23 falls in ESP and a .45 in CDP.
I am not clear, do you plan on ending up with two guns or one swap-top rig? The latter will call for some work to get both uppers to run on the same receiver, but I think it can be done.
I`m not looking to swap slides for each class. I would have a complete 1911 for each class. I am getting ahead of things really , haven`t shot much since `96 or so. One class will do for now as I have several .45s that are IDPA legal. The 9X23 will come later , I would like to try one first.

thanks for the information
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