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New to the Forums. Do you take FEG 9HP questions? If not where should I go? Owned lots of BHP's but have this burning FEG question.
Thanks, Jerry
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Hello. Feel free to ask your FEG questions here. I think that several of the contributors here either own or have owned these guns and may be able to help.

Welcome and best.
Owned several T-Series High Powers in the Sixties and Seventies. Bought a new one 4 years ago on a whim. Didn't like the bulky Millet sights and the ambidextrous safety and
the spur hammer. Sold it! At this point in my life, I want a 60's clone and FEG seems to fill the bill. Big time dealer locally has 13 year old Kassnars, FM's etc. which have been stored for a long time. I bought the NOS 1994 FEG imported by KBI. Has black grips and hi-cap mag. I want traditional wooden grips. Do they interchange with Browning? Does anyone want to trade? If not who sells traditional wooden grips to fit the FEG? Do Browning parts interchange with parts of the FEG? Have read that FM parts are interchangeable but the FM that I looked at is crude. Thanks,
Hello. I believe that Browning Arms still sells the traditional checkered wood stocks that accompanied the older classic versions of the pistol and I do believe that the stocks, at least, will interchange with the FEG.

Thanks Steve, will check with Browning. Jerry

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The grips may need to be fitted to your FEG. This is no big deal. You may also want to change the hammer, sear, and trigger down the road. The metal in these isn't as hard as the real McCoy. I am having mine replaced tomorrow. All in all for the price it isn't a bad pistol. I gave about $169 for mine about two years ago. Regards, Richard
Richard: Just checked Browning's web site. Fr.Walnut grips are $36.75 per grip. The hammers were $50 and $75 each. I gather from your post that parts are interchangeable. I may try Gunparts as I have had luck there with parts for the 1911 Colt.
Here is another fly in the oinment. I own a beautiful Kramer "Duanne Thomas" inside the waistband holster. Guess What? The FEG doesn't fit in it. My Brownings and "the Bastard" all work well in it. I have tried every trick in the book and I can't get this holster to work with the Kramer. Ergo, FEG pistols aren't build to FN standards. Regards, Richard
Guess What? After cleaning all the cosmolene off the FEG, loaded up the 13 round magazine and got off 3 rounds before it jammed. 3 more rounds and jammed again. Cleaned and oiled it and tried again this morning. 6 rounds and jammed. The extractor seems to be faulty and won't pull the empty from the chamber and the mag tries to force another round in at the same time. Using UMC 115 Gr. ammo which works fine in my Mitchell Arms P08 Luger clone. Went back to the dealer and came home with an FM (Argentine HP clone). Am almost afrad to clean the cosmolene off it. Actually looks more like a Browning than
the FEG.
Were you using the mag that came with the FEG? The mag that came with mine was junk. A new mag cleared up my FEG problems.
Spackler, my FEG magazines worked fine. They were the 10 rounders and I have worn one out using it for a range magazine. My thoughts on magazines are that I would not use anything but Browning, FM, Meg-Car, or SA 17 rounders for serious social occassions. Regards, Richard
Richard, my FEG came with one magazine, a cheap-looking thirteen rounder. It gave me nothing but problems. I'm with you - I like the mec-gars.
You'll like them both. The FM is probably a better shooter but I enjoy them both.
Check a couple of the FM threads for pictures of FEGs and FMs with nice looking grips.
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