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Final Debate Ramped vs.Non-ramped

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OK guys, I've heard that some smiths prefer ramped and some non-ramped but nobody has ever debated this issue with FACTS. George Smith of EGW came up with factual info on his position but nobody took the challenge.

So here it is. I am challenging the smiths to post their positions and please back it with FACTS.

The Question: Why would the ramped barrel be any more unreliable than the non-ramped in the 9x23?

We all know the Winchester case doesn't need the ramp because of its design but what makes the ramped barrel less reliable in the 1911 Single stack?
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George pretty much said it all here:
I would say you can get the gun to run with either. I would not dismiss a shop if they Like a ramp barrel, provided the gun runs. ramp or not that is what matters.

geo ><>
on this thread:
http://www.pistolsmith.com/viewtopic.ph ... 1&start=15

My exceptions are IF a shop insists that a 9x23 be built with a ramped barrel than I don't consider them knowledgable enough about the specific cartridge and finally dbl wide guns and there mags seem to be much less finicky on ramped barrels, as do the smaller calibers because of the difference in feed height.

George had it right. Do they run? Is one more reliable? Depends :grin:
I am not a smith but I do own 9x23 in ramped and non-ramped versions and each works quite well. I have not had an issue with single or double stack 9x23 1911s that I own.
Strangely enough two of my Springfields are three caliber guns and run in 9mm, 9x23, and .38 Super in a non-ramped Springfield platform and a non-ramped Colt series 80.

FWIW, I have had multiple problems with ramped 10mm guns over the past 12 years and I have learned that I far prefer a non-ramped 10mm.

These problems have ranged from push-back, stove piping and believe it or not on one 10mm comp gun the gunsmith cleared away enough of the ramp to stop the push back that I had case bulges and ruptures when using early Norma 10mm ammo.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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