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I posted this on the other forum ( http://www.1911forum.com/ubb/Forum35/HTML/000114.html ), but thought that since some may not get over there, I'd open this up here as well... so it could be a "joint" event,

Okay... So I have been noticing that there have been an increasing number of members up on the 'Other Board', and here from San Jose, and the Greater Bay Area...

I was thinking that maybe, we can get a few of us out, and have a day of fun, and even put some faces to names.

I am thinking that I could probably get my friend and neighbor Rick who hangs out here, to help me plan, and host the event.

I'd be inclined to plan it for Metcalf, outdoors, maybe even see if we can use the Action Pistol range there if we have enough people, not sure what the requirements would be, but that would allow us to also bring out some of our "other" toys.

I am pretty sure if we wanted to move indoors, we could get one side of National all to ourselves for a period, along with the Classroom.

If there is enough interest in this here, it looks like I will need to order a shirt from Ms. Embroidery, and probably get the Dillon setup, or buy a case from Eric :wink:, so it will take a few weeks to get the final date set...

Who's game? Guess I should talk to Rick, and see if he's interested :wink:
One other thought too, maybe I can see if the Wife want's to host a Mary Kay party, so the wives, and S.O.'s can get together while the Boys go out to play? That may not work though, since she would probably want to come out and shoot too... :wink:

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