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First Try...

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What...is/are your choices for a slide/frame set to use for a first try, 5" 1911 style.
I want to do the whole thing...I just don't want to bite off more than I can chew, by getting parts that require more work than I can furnish.
I just don't want to buy "problems" that require the ability to heavily fit every little part...Looks to me like, if you start with a good, accurately machined set to start with...it would be easier for a first-timer to "fit"...

What do ya'll think? I realize it will be more expensive than just buying a base mil-spec or 1991A1...
Looking for your individual thoughts regarding the "approach" to take...
If you have favorites for ease of fit re: pin sets and other individual parts, it would be great to hear those as well...
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If I were to try, I'd go with Caspian and get the cast frame to save money. However, if I were confident in my skills then I'd get the bar stock frame as well.

You could also used ones like a Sistema or an Argentine Colt.

There are new frames and slides that are inexpensive but just heard too many bad experiences about them.
Getting tired of that Champion eh :wink: From what I read on the other posts and my conversation with a local gun smith, a CMC frame and Caspian slide might work for ya.
If you're really getting tired of that Champion, you could convince me to take it off your hands. Just send it my way with a check for a few bucks. Least I could do. :wink:
Jeez, with all the postings and replies to that dang Springfield (here and over "there"), I kinda feel like it's part mine too :wink: !

Maybe we should all get a piece of that cheque if gyp_c decides to sell....
...I don't "recall" anything about a CHAMPION in this post!!!
That baby is right here, right now....and that's where it's stayin'!!!

Now...(muttered)...buncha' hooliguns....

Thanks for the post Mute...at least you know how to stay "ON TOPIC" :eek:
The same things I've come up with...I'm kinda' wantin' one of those old Colts just for grins...Can you imagine what that thing could say if it spoke...(English that is)???
As for the "rest" of you hooliguns!
Back>>>Back I SAY!!!




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I have gathered that the Caspian cast frames are very durable, and their price is right. However, the slide/frame dimensions are oversized, and will need extensive fitting. That would probably be good practice. On the other hand, CMC frames and Caspian slides apparently fit together quite easily. I am having the same dilemma right now. I ended up deciding on getting an old Colt and doing it all the hard way, then doing a modern kit later.
Well, here's "my" list:
Caspian cast frame and barstock slide
STI beavertail
Videki trigger
Ed Brown Mag catch assembly - with or without extension.
Caspian pin set, slide stop, firing pin & stop
Caspian or McCormick (cast) hammer. Get the McCormick if you're going to drop it in, along with their sear, too.
Caspian adjustable rear sight, lowmounted - like a Bomar but with a much nicer rear leaf. Remember to rivet the pivot pin.
Caspian ejector and extractor. Dovetail front sight. A lot of good ones out. Ed Brown F/L guide rod with Red Buff .125" buffer. Briley 9r Nowlin ramped bull barrel. Caspian reverse plug. Wolff recoil spring, and 17# mainspring. Hammer strut from McCormick.

Finish, grips, etc. - I love a blued gun, but plate a lot of mine just because of the longevity of the finish.

All the above parts are first class,even if not the most expensive, and my under the coveralls gun is VERY similar!
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Wilson right now makes the absolutely nicest ambi safeties. I like the high/wide (expensive) ones. Take half the time to fit and are really well made and finishes. Compare to say - a Swenson sometime!
Excellent...Thanks all.
Gave me some good options and whys...I can see there are other approaches that may be entirely satisfying and might even save a nickel or two...(let's see, what can I spend those two nickels on?)


Thanks! Other options or thoughts?
I know what ya mean gyp_c2. Now I'm getting a hankering for one of those old Colts, IF I can find one in CA. Maybe one in .38 super, so I can have Dane build me a 9x23. Man my wife is gonna kill me.
If you have the money, you could get a prefit Les Baer slide and frame combo. A forged slide and frame. Machined after heat treatment. Expensive, yes, but probably will last forever.

I don't necessarily dislike cast frames, but the likelyhood of a defect in a casting is greater than in a forging. That's just the way it is.
Mute: You're just gonna' make yourself crazy thinkin' like that!!! Now settle down fore she sic's the dog on ya'!

I know what you mean Peter...For this first try, I want something a little less intimidating...I think Caspian makes the parts you mentioned as well...I could be wrong, I'll have to check. Anyway...for the first one, I want it to be good quality of course, but this won't be my lifes work or anything....Hopefully, just an enjoyable hobby, that I'll get better at as I go along. And to tell you the truth, I don't want any Baer products yet...
You are right about getting the closest to spec parts possible, and I agree with that...If I were to commission you or another to build my best whatever...I want it built -exactly-like that! ...Best possible, period...
I read you other post in the Custom area BTW...I was actually surprised at the price you came back with for that -Best- quote!
I thought it would be much closer to 5 figures...about double your figure...
Thanks for the insight in BOTH posts and keep them coming. You are bringing a different dimension to the Forums that I like the feel of...Thanks :wink:
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It certainly could reach the 5 figures. Larry got the price of the gun there by making all the parts from bar stock. That would truly be a best effort indeed.

But if you took note of Larry's other post on the quality of aftermarket parts my price starts to make a bit more sence too. My assumption is that most of the real quality parts are much closer to fitting properly than the old colt factory parts. I may have to do some pin hole honing, and maybe even make a custom pin or two, but that would not be a big deal.

When you do build your gun, pay particular attention to the trigger pull work, and the barrel/slide/bushing fit. This is where you can get best bang for your buck. I'm trying to make a hammer/sear stoning fixture right now. The hammer is no problem, but the sear jig is presenting me with some problems. With the current prints I have of the sear I don't have all the dimensions I need to make it. I have to assume one or two of the sear points are right. I don't like to assume anything. This problem relates to keeping everything dead true to the pin bore of the sear. I'll keep you posted as to my progress.
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Please do...Sounds like a very cool gadget. You must be...I'll drop you a line...
Yes...I saw right away that the trigger and the slide, frame, barrel relationship was a very critical factor in getting the pistol to shoot where I want consistently...I think you're right about some of the after-market parts. Some flavors are definately better. I will be very careful of my basic relationships as I realize it will take a large amount of experience and skill to "fix" if I go too far. I will definately stop and get professional help if I get too far over my head. It looks like if I take my time and stick to quality parts. With a little guidance from the folks that have more experience and a bit of patience, I'll be able to enjoy the process...Hopefully to completion, but I'll be asking for help if I "lose my way"!!!

Good luck with the specs and prints...Let us know how that turns out...I wouldn't mind having some real good specs and prints myself... :cool:

Thanks again... :wink:
Check with Caspian, for a quite reasonable fee they will hardfit the frame/slide, but the rear sight cut in and the serrations you want. The price is very good and the work excellent. Good luck on your project. Be safe, DougC
Thanks DC
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