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Fixed Blades...

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1. Since Dane breached the topic of knives, who here carry's a fixed blade with any regularity. No matter how much you train, the fixed blade will always be simpler, faster and stronger. I know one State Trooper (only I shall know which state :smile: ) that carries a Cold Steel push dagger on duty tucked behind his magazines. He's a DT instructor and tries to "unofficially" sell all his recruits on the idea. Even though, officially, the dept forbids fixed blade knives in uniform duty. It's unobtrusive, and in a flash he can cover his gun with one hand and hack away with the other.

2. What would/do you carry in a fixed blade? I would like a PATAK from MadDog, but the wife will not presently allow that much $$$$ expended for one knife. :sad: So, what's something you would carry, say, under $75? I was thinking about the new CRKT Kasper/Polkowski. Maybe a 3/4 size Ka-Bar, any suggestions?

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For street work I carry either a TOPS Dawn Warrior in a reverse grip concealex sheath
or a Polkowski/Kasper Scorpion.
For field work I carried a 7" Brend Model 2 until recently, I have switched over these days to an 11" TOPS Steel Heart.
In your budget/cost range I would recommend
the SOG Pentagon. It is a very effective personal defense knife and ego aside it is very, very, functional.
Save the money and use it to attend either James Keatings ComTech or one of Bill Bagwells knife courses.
As an side I have attended several "big name" courses on defensive knife usage that were nothing but courses in good marketing compared to Keating and Bagwell.
Ah yes, the fixed blades:)

Big fan of neck knives, carry a bud nealy and several flavors of Newt Livesay's knives. Newt also makes a great little reverse grip IWB sheathed knife, that goes with me into the city. For larger stuff, prefer the Busse variants.
Cold Steel SRK in concealex, mounted upside down on my commercial diving harness, and a Cold Steel Recon Scout strapped to my calf. No designer knives here; mine work for a living.

As far as the knife courses go, I've had a couple of good ones. The best yet was Marc MacYoungs, lots of good stuff. I was hoping to try Bob Kaspers, if you have any info on it, I would really appreciate any opinions. You can send them via email if you like. And Keatings is definitely on my list, didn't know Bagwell did that sort of things.

Thanks everyone for their opinions.

Bob, Jim and the Gung Ho Chuan association are all top notch.
I believe that over the last few years they have toned back on the courses to non-members (any honorably discharged Marine can join if I recall).
When I last talked to Bob they were still training in north Jersey although they did do a course at the airport for Trumps corporate security and bodyguards.
I would definitely reccomend them but be forewarned they train very hard without the nonsense and commercial ego but they are very skilled.
If it's one small enough to carry, I'd opt for a Bud Nealy Pesh Kabz.
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I also carry a cold steel safe keeper-2.. Very handy.. -Gilmore
I carry a fixed blade, generally a 7.5 to 8" bowie, i carry the ones i make for a few days to get the "feel" of them. I have Kenny Rowe make a rough out, single swivel, inside the waist band sheath that works well for carrying a bowie daily.

here is a photo of one of my typical concealment bowies

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I really like this design of yours. It achieves a nice balance between a big Bowie and that which is the pratical limits of normal concealed (or discrete) carry. The craftsmanship and skill of the maker is readily apparent and the Curly Koa scales are a handsome addition. VERY nice knife!

Thanks DD, i appreciate your kind words.... I prefer to carry a knife this size range (7-8" blade, 12"-13" overall). I can carry it comfortably and it is an effective weapon when used properly etc...

I must add however, that a 7-8" bowie is not near the fighting tool a 12 incher is, obviosly. Im currently working on one of my bigger bowies, blade forged out to 12-3/8". I will post a pic when done, i love it! Gave the customer many chances to get his $$ back so i could keep it... But he is wiser than that.

Mr. Lamey-

I've been checking out your website, and I must say that I am impressed. Can I question how you carry a knife of that size IWB? Is it in the appendix position? Could I email you to discuss what options I have in obtaining a good carry knife? Thank you for the pics.

Eric, thanks for the compliments on my work. Carrying this size knife (7-8" blade bowie) is rather easy. I make them fairly flat, with the widest part of the handle/guard being under 3/4", so we are talking real flat. Kenny Rowe of Hope Ark, is a master leather worker, i have him make an inside the waist band sheath with super thin leather and a thin kydex lining for security and strength. It is much like a summer special holster. The way the sheath is made (with a single swivel snap), you can move it to the angle you desire (and your body demands). The rough out leather keeps the sheath pretty well in place until you make an effort to move the angle etc..

Any how, email or call any time.
Sounds great! I sent you an email, but it was the one from your website, and I notice that the one you have listed here is a little different. Just FYI, you may want to check the other email. If you don't use it anymore, let me know, I'll send you another one soon to the aol address.


lately its better to reach me at [email protected], i can access this email at work, and thats where most of my time has been spent. :sad:
If concealment is not an option, I'd have to go with my Katana.

Not much that would stand up to that in a knife fight... :wink:
Ronin, yeah i agree to a point. When distances are great enough to use a Katana, or any sword for that matter, they are the primary choice over any other edged weapon....

HOWEVER, when distances close, they (swords) are next to worthless. Most fights end up close, plenty end up on the ground, i want something that i can use in close quarters, as thats when things will get knarly.

Your opinions regarding the katana. If one was engaged in a fight with a sword against a knife wielding opponent, would the length of the sword have the advantage of reach and therefore, you'd use this advantage to keep the opponent from reach contact distance?
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