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Fer Chrissake! What kind of a nut would tell you to install a LONGER link when you already strike low? Obviously, pushing up the rear of the barrel will cause a lower strike yet. Take that person off your Christmas card list!
Only use a standard link that allows a dead center primer strike. All other changes are made to the sights.
To hit higher, remove metal from the top of the front blade. I would advise you to get a small piece of smooth steel about 10 inches long and glue a piece of 400 grit wetordry paper to the front half. The smoothe back half rides atop the rear blade while you apply pressure to cutting the front blade. Guiding on the rear sight with the smooth half will keep your cut straight. Shoot a group of 3, remove metal from the front blade. Shoot a group of 3, etc until you get impact where you want it. Touch up the front blade with instant blue (I like 44-40 from Brownells, but most anything will work.)

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