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Flat Magnetic Pistol Holder

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How'd you like a strong, flat magnet to hang a pistol securely out of the way under a desk, by the bed, under the dash of your car?

I bought several at http://www.autogeek.net/noname4.html for $14.95 each. (Don't want to know if you find them cheaper. Really don't.)

I've got a full size, loaded govt. model secured under a desk with one of these and it's not going to fall or accidentally dislodge. I also have one in the car for ready access when needed. Have a few more locations in mind.

They are about 3/16 to 1/4" thick and about 3" long by 2" wide. They are textured for non slip and have a peel and stick adhesive back. Originally designed for cell phones and garage door holders, these puppies are strong enough to do the job. A Glock or other lighter weight gun is really no problem to hold. Won't slide on a vertical surface.
Even will hang one upside down.

I generally place the flat side of the slide against the magnet, but you can place the top of the slide against it and it will hold fine.

I'm not selling these, just like 'em.
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Your link goes to your opening web page, but there is nothing on that page that says anything about magnets and when I did a search on the word "magnet", nothing turned up that sounded like the product you describe here - just miracle towels and a mini duster. I have no interest in car cleaning stuff and patriot decals that are on the opening page.
You are correct, sir. The link has changed.
Please try http://www.properautocare.com/hr-1160.html
It may change again soon. One good thing - the price has come down since I last looked.
Wont these scratch the finish on a handgun?
...and what happens to feeding once the gun becomes fully magnetized itself?
Sounds like a great idea, and you could probably put a cloth between gun and magnet to avoid scratches, but I'll let you do it for a year or so first!
These flat magnets are covered in a layer of rubber-like material - no scratches.

I suppose you could pick up paper clips with a magnetized .45, but it wouldn't affect function. What am I missing here?
LOL...that may be pretty cool...I wouldn't want it covered with tacks or paper clips though...
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tonerguy - sorry to take so long.
To answer your ?, "what am I missing here,"
maybe nothing.
I have no idea if there are any problems with a magnetic gun.
It's always nice to have a paper clip handy, but I was wondering more about feed reliabilty.
Likely not a problem, but I've never tried it.
It seems like a good idea and you can always de-magnetize it by running it back across the opposite ends of a heavy magnet.

FWIW, magnetizing can be done in one swipe with metal objects...

I am curious though if that is considered "holstered" as in PA a holster must "encompass and contain" the firearm requiring removal or opening to fire.

I do recall a notification that camne out in 1995 from the ATF that listed wallet holsters and holster devices that allow the pistol to be fired from within the device as an AOW.

Could a "magnet holster" conceivably be an AOW?
I could see a problem if the pistol was magnetized and the magazine was not. Would the magazine fail to fall free?
A question for Mr. Science.
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