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Looked like a nice board, but I hate the pop-up with the members online and such...it came up every time i went to the main forums page and after awhile i had about 20 of them open.

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Hello all;
thanks for the kind words about the site,I would like to address what you are calling a popup window.There is only one popup that comes up when you enter the site.The other popup I think that you are seeing is the members sending you a welcome IM "instant messaging" . You have the option to turn on or off the messageing system.How ever if you turn it off No one can send you a message nor can you send them one.
Please send any questions that you may have to any of the Moderators on the site,they will be more then happy to answer any functional and operational questions.
As an added note here for Netcape users, you will have to set your browser up for the IM popup.The site is taylored for Internet Explorer.

Once again thanks of viewing the board.
as we say in the South Ya all have a nice board here.
spike/ admin

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