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great looking piece! Very cool, simple, and functional. I like how the grip safety is just slightly recut, but leaves the original look. Does the hammer still bite, or did you shave off some of the spur?

Now the question is: where to get extra parts for the retro guns? King's sells new wide spur hammers, SVI and Caspian sell commercial style spur hammers. The SVI's are tempting, since they'll have the modern geometry and narrowed sides. I guess older Colts are the best place to get the grip safeties? I'll bet all of our resident smiths have boxes full of Colt guide rods, recoil spring caps, hammers, and grip safeties! As far as mainspring housings, all the new ones seem to have checkering. Only Les Baer seems to sell serrated ones. Any other sources I'm missing?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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