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On 2001-09-30 22:53, In2Deep wrote:

Hey, anyone out there have a fix to my G-21 mags that sound like a baby rattle. It's my work gun, but I can't seem to keep it quiet when I fill it up. I have been loading 1 shy to keep things under control. I've been careful to load it, seating each and every round before the next. I still can't seem fill it past 12 before it starts to rattle.

Mahalo :grin:

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I have one that does that, but a soon as I insert it into the pistol, the rattle stops.

I called Ben at Glockmeister a few months ago and asked him about this. He said it is common, and is nothing to worry about. I've yet to find Ben wrong about Glocks, so I don't worry about it. BTW, it works fine with 13 rounds.
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