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G17 shell ejection

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I have noticed that with certin loads (mainly target and 147gr) My 17 likes to throw the empty up in the air and it sometimes lands on the shoulder or head. I had a 23 like this once. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Could be a grip or stance thing. check that first.

Might be the angle of the ejector pin.
What's the first few Alphas/#'s in your serial number? Perhaps you need an updated ejector/extractor. I'll check my armorer's manual.

In my .40 cal, produced in '95, I changed out my ejector due to an update. It is longer than the stock one it came with. Also needed to change extractor to a 90 degree/5 degree instead of the stk 90 degree/0 degree.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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