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Gene Williams built my 1911 Great work

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I got a stainless Caspian lower and a kimber upper Both i got dirt cheap went about trying to build it myself (bad Move) instead i sent it to Gene. it shoots one ragged Whole,its the most accurate handgun i have ever owned. Never comming off it!! did it all at a good price .Give'm a call at (972)
http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=4 ... 0&res=high
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Is anyone else havin' trouble openin' photopoint pages?
Has the pay service started screwin' things up?

HAH!...musta' been a temporary glitch, workin' fine now!


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The pic looks good to me
Lotts o problems just getting in and posting. Nevertheless..........the gun is a Caspian/Kimber combo. We had the raw main parts, the slide and frame. The rest was just putting in the proper parts and tuning the gun to perfection. I will attest that that gun will do NO wrong. It is a very perfect tool for whatever you need to do the job in question.

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