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getting scratches out

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anyone know a way of getting some light scrathes out of high polished stainless steel...

with out ruining the finish...
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Are you speaking about a Rolex or a handgun?? :smile:
no, I wan't to remove a swooshing scratch near / (above) the trigger gaurd.. don't want to compound the eye sore by scratching it worse ya know... it was obviously done from returning the pin.. the scratch is pretty light though and i bet it would come out if i knew how... i know you can get scratches out of grained steel, but polished steel (usually what they call number 4 or number 3, used for houshold appliances, no chance...) i have no idea what # colt's polished steel is..)
NO GO , on the hi polish unless your gonna re-polish .
you might get lucky w some 1200 paper and flitz.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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