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Just took delivery of a Rosen
"Workman" holster for my Colt
Cobra. Bought it used at a good
price from a nice gentleman on
one of the firearms forums.
Have been playing with it for several
hours, trying to position it for most
comfortable/concealable carry. No dice.
Any way I position it, it looks like I'm
very happy to see someone or am wearing
a colostomy bag.
For those not familiar with the "Workman",
It is one of those holsters which allows one to
tuck one's shirt in. Good idea, right?
Well, I can't make it work. Oh, the shirt tucks
in okay, but the holster utilizes so much leather
to make the concept work that a Colt Cobra grows
to the size of a "K" frame S&W.
Let me add here that I really like Rosen holsters.
He bends and sews leather as well as anyone.
I've been carrying my Colt using a Barami Hip Grip
for at least ten years. In fact, this is the first
holster I've ever bought for it. But I will relegate
its use to training and the occassional IDPA matches
where we break the rules and feature a back-up stage.
To me, this design is a gimmick.
This is not to disparage any holster maker; rather it
is to point out what we all know....some ideas are
better left on the drawing board.

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I have never been a fan of tuckable holsters. The best one, IMO, is the Sparks VMll as designed by Tony Kanaley, but all tuckable holsters seem to be bulky, and unless you really blouse the shirt to the point where you look kinda ruffled, they will 'print'. A better solution in my opinion is a holster that will bury most of the gun below the waistline of the pants, and leave just enough gun butt to retrieve the weapon. These are what I consider deep concealment holsters, and not quick access rigs, and work much better with a small revolver, and a semi auto pistol.
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