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Glock 19 vs. Sig 228

WOW, that's a tough one! Own both of those guns currently, don't know as I could bring myself to sell either one. You can make the 228 a 15+1 round gun like the G19 by purchasing some Mec Gar mags for it--stock it's 13+1. Sig 226 mags also work fine in the 228, but stick out a little from the bottom of the grip. My Sig has a way better trigger in the single action mode than my G19 (if you don't like the first shot being double action--thumb it back). The finish is weak on the Sig--it'll rust on the slide if you don't wipe it down. The 228 might even be a tiny bit more reliable--both guns have been excellent performers.

My G19 has night sights (Trijicon), you can see them across a dark room they are so bright--very nice. I have shot this gun in a combat class and it performed flawlessly (as did all of the other Sigs and Glocks in the class). Extra mags are cheaper for the G19. Glocks are best gripped very firmly as they are a little easier to induce a limp wrist malfunction. The G19 is easier to detail strip and clean than a 228. You need to tap on a pin punch to get the slide apart on the Sig, and maybe replace the rolled pins when you're done.

A Glock is the "hammer" of all semi auto handguns. :wink:
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