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Glock 35 for IPSC

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Does any one know if my new stock Glock 35 is legal for IPSC production class? Does fit in the box? Is the first shot "double action"????

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Yes it is legal for USPSA Production class, but not for IPSC production class.

USPSA allows it, as it fits in "the box."

You are scored minor regardless of your actual power factor.

It would seem as though IPSC has a hard-on for glocks.

AF Shooting Team
I asked this question on Glock Talk and every one that responded said you could use a 34/35 in the production class in IPSC. Is this a local club issue?
I picked up the 35 yesterday for no other reason than I really liked the gun. No one's raised an "issue" I was simply curious as to whether I could shoot it in production class. I'm thinking this would be an excellent choice for this event do all you Glockmiesters agree or can you think of a better gun, Glock or otherwise for production class USPSA???? (Thanks Tom & lowtech!)
From John Amidon's (NROI director for USPSA)column in the Nov/Dec 2001 Front Sight, he stated that the G34/35 is allowed in USPSA production class.

You may also use them in USPSA Limited and Limited 10.

IPSC rules are different but I'm not sure how. It may be a barrel length restriction.

It’s not a club issue. It’s an IPSC vs. USPSA issue.

IPSC says 5.0 inches max barrel length. The 34/35 aren’t on the IPSC approved list.

USPSA adopted the box rule for production division. The 34/35 was specifically designed around the box, only to have IPSC snub them by not allowing the 34/35 in a division they were almost designed for.

I have shot a G-35 at a 130 pf with both 155'sand 180's. While soft, I thought it was sluggish. For me, I liked the 34 more. I like the snap of 9mm's. Which is why I like the Steyr so much. Harsh recoil, but very flat and fast.

AF Shooting Team
In the US (USPSA) The Glock 34 or 35 are production division legal. All guns in production score minor. Many people would just shoot 9mm(since you are scoring minor anyway), which is generally softer and easier to shoot.

You can also shoot your Glock 35 in Limited 10 division...or get some hicaps and shoot it in Limited. The 40S&W can be scored as major in these divisions.
Good information! I've been thinking of adding the 34 to my collection and using it in Limited more so than production.

To be competitive with a 9mm you pretty much have to get all "A" hits. (9mm scores minor)

Many targets are setup so that there is not a large portion of the "A" zone showing. Minor "C" hits add up quick..."D" hits will bury you.
Use the 35 for Limited as it will score major..Use the the 34 or 35 for production and load down to minor power factor..too much of a disadvantage to shoot minor in a division with minor/major power factoring..course if you are just shooting to have fun... :smile:
Isn't 9mm getting bumped up to Major this year? If I went 34 in Limited and Major, then life can be a little different!
In Europe, you can still use 9x19 for Major, in Open.

There has been a ban on 9x19 major in the US for a long time, and it will most likely never change.

The rules are too screwed up now. I hope nothing changes for a while.

Then there is the IDPA rulebook, which is more screwed up than IPSC/USPSA’s rulebook.

AF Shooting Team
In the US 9mm is, and will be, scored as minor.

Went trough this on another board. The rules weren't clear. I sent an email off to USPSA. No on 9mm major. Maybe in Open, but not for a few years...and you'll hear it here first.
Basically, to get 9x19 to major PF it requires unsafe pressure levels. For example, to get a PF of 165 from a 115 grn bullet would require 1434 fps. To get an extra 5 PF of insurance to ensure you don't get minored would require 1478 fps. While super, supercomp, and 9x23 can handle this (with supported chambers), 9x19 cannot. I shudder to think what a 170 PF 9x19 load would do to the case in an unsupported or "generously dimensioned" chamber like the Glock.

Thanks for the update! Makes little sense to go higher than production, then. I shoot it with my SIG 226, but might tweak an advantage by moving over to the glock.
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