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DD: How DARE you insult the aesthetics of our beloved "Combat Tupperware!" :lol: Welcome to the forum!

Your information about Dane and Robar doing grip reductions and the like is correct, however. The slimmest Glock yet is the single stack G-36. Maybe this gun could be whittled down in order to come close to feeling like an Officer's Model, but I leave confirmation of that to the experts listed above.

I think that the G-34 has the closest feel of a 1911, mostly due to having such a similar sight radius. The G-34 seems to be the IDPA gun of choice in the SSP division, and the 1911 on the other end of the spectrum. Of course, you could buy a Glock 21, and not only have a great gun, (that doesn't need to be modified out of the box at ALL,) but be able to shoot in SEVERAL Divisions of IDPA! :wink:

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