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A gunsmith local to me in the Philadelphia area does some of the most extensive Glock work I've seen. Pete Carber of Custom Arms Co. offers finger groove removal on new models, deep finger groove additions on any model - fitted to the customers hand, grip frame reduction and grip frame stippling.
Check out Andy Stanford's reveiw of a CAC
Glock 22 in the most recent "American Handgunner" magazine (May/June 2001); or view his website at "www.customarms.com".
(Forgive my complete computer illiteracy, guys, and in-ability to provide a direct link).
For those who care to know such things, my daily off-duty gun is a CAC Glock 23 with frame reduction, front finger grooves, deep stippling front, rear, and under the triggerguard, and Heinie Straight-Eight sights. Pete's stippling is aggressive; the gun will not move in your hand.
(He also does supurb 1911, Browning Hi-power, and Kahr work).
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