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Glocks Can Be Custom Pistols Too!

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Most of you that know me from around the Net, know I am a 1911 fanatic. So a few may be surprised I own a Glock. While Gaston's creation will never have the same place in my heart as anything from the mind of JMB, there is no denying they are viable self defense tools. I think anyone that is serious about self defense, should be familiar with the Glock manual of arms.

This pistol started out life as a stock 10mm G20. Dane Burns then performed one of his grip reductions. This took the butt down to G29 length. He also got rid of the silly trigger guard hook and reduced some of the thickness on the sides. The effect of all this grinding, is to make the biggest Glock frame feel more 1911 like. I have pretty big hands and I still find the G20/21 frames just a little too big. While this type of customizing absolutely voids the Glock warranty -- I don't really care. :grin:

I also had Dane install a set of the fabulous Heinie Straight Eight sights. The connector was changed to the 3.5# version and a NY 1 trigger spring was added. An extended slide stop is to be installed as well. The pistol takes G29 10 rounds mags or the 15 round G20 hi cap mags. I am going to have Dane grind on G21, but leave the butt full length. This will give me a swap top .45 that will work with on either frame and the 10mm will work with either frame as well.

Who said Glocks can't be custom pistols too? :cool:


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I will have to second that the Glock 22/23 are not "polymer perfection." I've had problems with two 23's and a 22, primarily failures to feed with an ITI light installed. One of the 23's slides fell off after its slide lock spring broke.

The weapon's high points are its ease of maintenance, corrosion resistance, and simple manual of arms. My personal experience with their various failures does not allow me to hold them to the Glock standard of "polymer perfection." They'll fail like any other mechanical system. I just happen to understand the 1911 system better, so I'll stick with that.
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