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Got a question for DD and Dane

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With the 9x23 that Desert Dog has, are those 17 rd mags pre ban or legal to obtain in 9x23? After looking at that post and the thought of having 17+1 in one mag, it just makes my mouth water :grin: . Also, does STI have a full steel frame available or do they only come in polymer? (maybe I could convert my para?) Thanks.

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The 9x23 mags are actually .38 Super mags and yes, they are pre-ban. But not to worry, as there are a lot of those same mags out there. I also have longer mags of 19, 21 and 27 rounds. While those are fun for the range, I do like the way the gun handles with the 17 rounders best. I will sometimes carry a longer mags as the backup mag, but since my STI is a carry gun first, the 17 rounders seem to work best for me. If I can't solve things with 35 rounds of 9x23, then I needed something other than a handgun.

AFAIK, STI (or SV) do not make an all steel double stack gun. A .38 Super Para can be converted to 9x23. No offense to our Para shooters, but I am not a big fan of Paras and would recommend an STI or SV double stack first.

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