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Great big thanks to Dane Burns

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Those of you that are considering the artistry of a custom pistol craftsman, need look no further than Dane Burns. He built a custom Kimber Compact for my wife that, in her words, fits her like a glove, and her results prove it. The custom metal work is incredible and most importantly it ALWAYS works with whatever it is fed. Add to that, Dane just worked on a Springfield TRP for me. Nothing sexy, just a trigger job. Well, hardly just a trigger job...this pistol started out with a 6lb factory pull and now breaks like silk on glass at 4lbs. This really changed this pistol from being one that I like to one that I love. Turn around time was unbelievable (5 days) and you can't find that type of quality for the price anywhere. I can't recommend Dane enough. If you aren't familiar with him, you can find him at http://www.burnscustom.com
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Thanks Lefty :wink:

But that TRP started @ something like 8+ lbs (unbelievable!) and ended at just under 4# on a set of NRA weights. No way the TRP or the small Kimber are bullseye legal now. 3.75# triggers are way more fun to shoot :grin:
Come on Lefty....you can't brag about those guns and then not even put up a picture of your wife's custom gun!!!!! Let's see it!!!!

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Not a problem. Click on this link and take a look at Dane's picture that he was kind enough to provide.http://www.pistolsmith.com/viewtopic.ph ... &forum=6&2
Not a problem. Click on this link and take a look at Dane's picture that he was kind enough to provide.

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Very nice!!!!!!!!

Can you give some details....is that a compact or an ultra carry? What did you have Dane do to it?

Details...please more details!!!!

Damn fine weapon!!!!

I am hoping that Dane will chime in here as well. We call it Casper the Ghost (the son of the Grey Ghost from Dane's offering). It started out as a Kimber Compact SS. Dane took a tracing of my wife's hand and worked from there. Dane pretty much replaced everything except for the trigger, slide, frame, and barrel. Polished everthing. Aggressive dehorning throughout. Checkered frontstrap and mainspring housing. Crowned the barrel (accuracy benefit and it looks bigger from the business end than a standard .45ACP), serrated the rear of the slide to match the Heinie Straight 8 night sights that he installed. Total reliability package. New carbon fiber grips. The trigger pull on the pistol is exquisite and it has never failed to function. My wife consistently keeps all the shots in the 10 ring at 15 yards. This would make a fantastic carry gun for anyone. It is compact, ultra accurate, carries 6 rounds of 45 ACP, and will not fail you. Maybe the Minster of Finance (my wife) will let me place an order this year...I would love to order one for myself. Hope that helps.
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Wow! that's a beauty. my girl has decided that she wants an ultra carry. i wonder if the same magic can be worked on one of those "cute little guns". (hse's a great girl, but sometimes i gotta shake my head.)
I linked the pic for Lefty but this thread is already running in the Custom forum. It is a bad thing to dulicate a thread so instead of deleting this one again I'll just lock it down.

Thanks though for the compliments guys. Remember there are a number of smiths on this forum. All do good work in a timely manner....wel,l good work anyway. Ask around and check delivery times and costs. Someone will suit you I suspect :grin:
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