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One of the more frequent questions I get about grip safeties is “ What is the difference between say an Ed Brown and the S&A that is on my Springfield?” I will tell them that the Ed Brown is “higher” and will let you get a higher grip. And the closer you can get to the centerline of the barrel the less muzzle flip you will get. Then they will say “How much higher is it?” I have found that the best way to describe this is to take the S&A off and put the Ed Brown on and show them how much metal I have to remove to fit the Brown. They usually say “Wow that’s a lot “ So here are a couple of Pics to try and show it.

First the S&A

Note how nicely it fits the .250” radius, hardly any blending needed

Next the Ed Brown

Look how much metal will have to come off the frame to blend this one!

I hope this was in some way informative to some of you.

And yes Mike that is your LW Commander frame.

Thanks for letting me share

Scott D. Mulkerin


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I really like the EB grip safeties and I can notice the difference when holding the pistol in my hand.
I also prefer the EB with the grooves and pad, my opinion.
Thanks for the photos and comparison, please post a Wilson if you can.

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AT this point in time I use a LOT of KING 207 grip safeties with the checkered pad. For a carry gun I do NOT like a grip safety that is dished out where the hammer sits in a hole because it becomes very difficult to cock with one hand when you do not have a super long thumb. I know what you are going to say "you carry the gun cocked and locked" but I do not, I carry one with the hammer forward on a live round. murphys law "YOU NEVER KNOW" I also make a grip safety adapter that can be attached to the flat grip safetys that will give you a positive disengagement. You can see a picture of it on my website.


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Can ya'll see the pics in this thread or is it just me?

I know I've seen them before, but today I can't see squat...:eek:
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