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Grip Safety and gun fit.

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I recently had the opportunity to discuss gun fit in the hand with some rather good shooters in a bull session and it raised some questions in my mind.

As to the grip safety:

My understanding (perhaps wrong) is that the original intent of the beavertail grip safety was twofold. To eliminate hammer bite and spread out the recoil in the web of the hand. The next improvement to the grip safety was to cut it higher for the high-grip, to lower the bore centerline of the gun the hand to make reciol more controlable. All this I understand and have no problem with to a point.

But the question in my mind is that not all hands are the same size, and what works for one cant work that well for all, or so it seems. One of the issues with good shooting form in handgunning I have always been told is to keep the trigger finger in line with the trigger as much as possible.

I have seen in the Brownells catalog grip safeties with hammer cutouts and others without them. The ones with the cutout look like they have the highest grip possible. The others don't seem to have such a high grip.

So I got to wondering, are the real high grip models more suited to those with big hands and the lower grip variety better suited to those with small hands? This question persupposes that the inline trigger finger is of some importance in good shooting.

Does anyone take into account their hand size when ordering parts for the right fit of the gun or is this business about pistol fit in the hand not such a fine point in making your own "personal" gun?

I kind of think it should be a consideration, especially if your one of those that knows whether a short , medium or long trigger is best for you, or a flat or arched MSH is best for you.

How many of you address these issues when deciding on the parts you will use in your ground up gun? And for the custom smiths out there, do you as a routine point, ask your customers about their hand size?

Inquiring mind wants to know.

A.) High/low grip, big/small hand considerations
B.) DO you even take fit into account when you build that one-of-a-kind gun for yourselves.
C.) Do smiths address these issues to any greater or lesser degree when consulting with a client?
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Peter some of the pictures have been changed but here are some earlier thoughs from a search on the subject.
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