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Grips; Ahrend's vs Speigel

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I've handled the Speigel's before and they were nice, but I still prefer Ahrend's Tactical grips.
The vast majority of custom guns I see have the speigel's though, so I figured I'd ask;
Why do people prefer (whichever they prefer)?

I like the ahrend's, since the 1/3 that's not checkered looks nice and the thumb-recess feels good. they're thinner than the big ugly panels that were on there (though, I also like the plastic grips on the newer guns)
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Hello. I've not tried Ahrend's stocks so I cannot competently compare them. I do have Spegel stocks on several HPs and like them for their feel over the nylon stock common to today's HPs. They also fit well and look good.

I would appreciate it if you'd advise how the Ahrend stocks feel compared to the factory stock (nylon thumbrest) that come on the current HPs.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, I have some Arhens coming, I wish I could see a picture of them on a HP first but it's to late now. All I see are Speigel's on custom Brownings and they look very sharp, I just wanted something different and hope I'm not disappointed. Would anyone have a picture of them on? GTO
Hello, GTO. I think that the below-listed link will take you to some pictures of Ahrend stocks for sale.


http://www.pickagrip.com/Catalogs/Brown ... grips1.htm
Thank you Stephen, I will take a look. I'm taking a deep breath first! GTO
Thats a good way to shop for grips, at least you know what your getting. Thanks again. GTO
I just got a pair of Cocobola grips from pickagrip.com last week for my Kimber. The people were good to talk to on the phone and I had the grips in two days. They are beautiful. Better looking than the picture.
Dane has some beauties in his post also. I just wanted smooth grips for some reason. They feel fine.
Have had both {only for the BHP} and much prefer Spegel's. Feel the Arhend's finish is to "Shiny", don't like the cutout/contour @ the top {on BHP} and they are machine checkered. Spegel's have a nice but mild "palm" swell effect with very nice rounded contours and his finish coat is nicely subdued. Had him do both 1911 & BHP grips in his ""Malagasy" Rosewood a nice alternative to Cocobolo if you like lighter colored wood. On the 1911 grips wanted them fully checkered, the MSH pin covered and grip bottoms flat enough to use with a removable mag well. Craig cut them flat and just broke the edge which has worked very well.
My take is Ahrends grips are the equal of any on the market and they are easier to obtain the Spegels. Kim and his wife are great people to deal with. If they tell you a set of their grips will be ready on a date they are. If you have them on the phone the will go through the options and pick out the nicest wood they have on hand for you. Enough said? Regards, Richard
Hi,I just got my Spegel grips in the mail today.They are the Cocobolo Wood grips.They are the nicest set of grips I have ever seen in my life.They are also very thin.I can`t wait to shoot my HP with them in my hands.
Hey 38Sup,
I took the advice from this posting as well. My Spiegel grips are ordered and on the way from C&S $55 with free shipping. I also found hex head grip screws at Hogue for a whopping $4.95 a set. Now I am looking for a stainless hex head may catch screw from a 1911. I heard that they will work from GrandMaster B (Wasn't that Bud Bundy's rapper alt ego?)
I have used grips by both makers in photos to compliment my leather-work and for shooting/carry. Make no mistake, both makers are masters of their craft with exquisite work. However, the Ahrends Tacticals are beefier at the top than the Spegal's
which taper at the top. This makes it slightly more difficult to engage the current HP factory thumb safety when the Ahrends are installed. The grips stick out as far as the safety levers; at least for me it is necessary to readjust my grip to apply the safety.
Safe shooting,
Mark Garrity
Garrity's Gunleather
Mark, would you have a picture of the Arhands on the gun???? I'm a little anxious! Thanks GTO

Also how long did it take to get grips from C&S?
I noticed some comments about the Ahrends grips having a shiny gloss finish. Is this just on the HP grips or on the 1911's too? Any differences between Ahrends and Spegel for the 1911 (such as one is more sharply checkered than the other or one is thicker or more comfortable than the other)?
Craigs are all Hand Checkered and if the memory serves........ Ahrend's are now done by machine. If you order direct from Craig he builds them the way you specify, Dbl. Diamond or full, MSH covered or not, flat or beveled bottom, etc. He also has several different grades within ea. type of wood {usually}. It's best to get his brochure or speak with him on the phone.

"Cogito, ergo armo"

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I've had Hogue grips in the past that were so thick and sharp on the bottom near the mag well that it dug into my hand when I fired the gun. Has anyone else experienced this? Are Spegel or Ahrends like this?
Just got my Spiegels. They are truley a work of art. Prettiest grips I've ever seen.
Hello. Glad you like them. I have most of my HPs decked out in them. They're hard to beat.

Hey recondoc -- congrats on the Spegels!
I'm noticing a trend here. There seem to be quite a few of us Texas boys who have fallen for lady HiPower. I think we need to find a day to do some shooting, eating, and maybe tilt a brew or two when the shootings done. Whataya think?
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