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grips for Kahr pm9 & cm 9

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i had a problem finding a decent grip for my PM 9 and my friends CM 9,,,,found a nice one made by a company called Qwik Grip. fairly inexpensive and gives a good grip when my hand gets damp. we are both happy with them and if you are in the same boat, give it a closer look. i bought their size #3A and it fits both the pm and the cm. i think the web address is qwikgrip.com ??? or something like that,
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I know this post is old 2011 and this is now 2015 but I have the CM9 and have had it for over a year . It is completely reliable and I love it for what it is a great little gun. It is my favorite next to my 9mm Shield. As for grips on the polymer frame the Talon Grip can't be beat. I have them on the Kahr, Shield and now a Bodyguard 380. If you put them on right they are near permanent and make such an improvement. On the Kahr they completely eliminate the obnoxious sharp checkering. Try them. My last ones were $ 17.95...
Thanks for the report and welcome to Pistolsmith.
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