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At first this seemed like an interesting question but I do have some concerns and reservations as to how many questions to answer and how much info to give away on our public forum.

First, I am not an insider or open to privilledged gunwriter info or anything like that.

"Jim Grover" is a personal and corporate security consultant based in Virginia.
I am not sure if he is still concealing his identity but it is not a "real seceret" and is easily found.

"Bob Pilgrim" is well, I am not sure why he is using the alias either.

I will withold for now as I do not want to give away any info that could harm or hurt anyone.
After reviwing Jim's comments on the body armor posts, I will wait for now and if you guys are reading this I will not post your info if you request me not to.

For all of you investigators and undercover operators, I found both Id's in less than 20 minutes through basic idenitity linking techniques using the internet.

Think, Plan, Train, Be Safe.

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