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As all of you know, our son, August, is the kydex guy at MD Labs/Mad Dog Knives. He has been responsible for hand forming all of the holsters we have shipped out in the past 18+ months since Brock left us.

Now it is time for August to leave us and go on to complete his undergraduate work at U of A in Tuscon (BS with a math major). While there he will complete the Navy ROTC program and go on to join the Navy as an officer in flight school. He won't be back for another 9.5 years after that. I'm guessing that he will probably not be interested in coming back and working in the family business after that...

This means that it is likely that MD Labs/Mad Dog Knives will be out of the holster business as soon as our inventory is depleted.

There is a possibility that August will want to come home on weekends (laundry in tow :wink: ) and continue to fill holster orders in order to help cover college expenses. If this is the case, we will probably be quoting 1-2 week delivery times on most orders.

He will be leaving for Rhode Island on June 2nd and will be gone for 6 weeks. During that time, we will be unable to fill any kydex orders that we cannot pull from inventory.

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August will be working full time for the next 4-5 days. I'm sure he could fit a IWB into his schedule. You can order it through Augie directly since he is taking holster orders on behalf of Shannon Lew.

Shannon, who has been our biggest knife and holster dealer for years, decided to give August ALL of his kydex orders in order to help him out with his college expenses. That's just the kind of guy he is. :grin:

If you can fax the order, send it to 520/772-3031.
You can send it to my e-mail, and I will get it to him.
[email protected]

General ordering infor required:
The model of holster of course. We have several to choose from.
Holster orders need to include the type of gun, and whether it is old or new (with rails). You will need to let us know if it is for right or left hand (right hand is the default), and the belt loop size. We cannot process the order without this information.
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