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Hi, one of the members here ask me to post about our registration system. Before you pass this one, i have to say that our system is in study by the ONU, and was under study by your last administration. I will made the explanation quite simple, regardless mi poor english. Basically, in our system, all the guns have to be registrate. There is a Federal Office in charge of the subject. Even the police has to. I will focus on the civilian owner, that i think is the subject that many of you probably have more interest. First of all you have to register yourself as a legitimate owner fo firearms. For have acces to this category, you have to prove you don't have any criminal records (we have a national regist for it too-remember that all the citizen in my country have to give their fingerprints to the state), that you are fisically and phicology able to own firearms (prove by a doctor's certificate) and that you have certain knowledge about firearms (that is not ever true). Once you have the credential that habilitate you as a legitim owner of firearms, you can buy all the guns you want. The only type of guns the civilians can't have, are the automatic ones. This credential is good for five years, after that, you do the paperwork again. Every time you buy a gun, you have to regist it. This time they give a credential of the gun. You can do the paperwork in no more than five days, and no less than 48 hs.. <For every gun you have, you have to have the credential. Carry a gun is a totally different matter. You have to prove the need to carry, and, even you real prove it, is very difficult to have. Our goverment is in new wave, a progress one. >Well i hope you can undestand what i said here, any doubts, please be free to ask.
At last, let me clear that in our penal law is a crime to have a firearm whitout registration, that extend to the amunnition. Also is a crime to carry a gun, if you are not allow to do.
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